Quick and Easy PDF Editing...

PDF Toolbox gives you the easiest way of editing PDF files without the need for expensive Adobe Acrobat software - saving you tons of money. PDF Toolbox integrates seamlessly with Click to Concert to provide a powerful PDF conversion and editing tool for your everyday needs.

With PDF Toolbox you can...

  • Split, Merge and Append PDFs
  • Add, remove and change PDF security
  • Add, delete, edit and manage PDF bookmarks
  • Stamp PDFs with custom Watermarks or other PDFs
  • Add headers and footers to PDFs
  • Modify or remove sensitive PDF meta-data
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Split PDF, Merge PDF, Extract PDF, Append PDF

Splitting, Merging and Appending of PDF files

PDF Toolbox gives you total control over PDF document assembly, including the ability to merge any PDF files together, split pages or page ranges into new PDFs, delete pages, move pages and rotate pages.

Edit PDF Security

Add, Remove and Modify PDF Security

PDF Toolbox gives you full control over PDF document security settings including the ability to add security to PDFs, customize security on existing PDFs or remove security from PDFs. PDF Toolbox supports the latest Adobe Acrobat security, encryption and protection standards.

Easily edit pdf bookmarks

Powerful Bookmark Management

PDF Toolbox gives you full control to add, edit, remove or modify new and existing bookmarks in PDFs. Adding new bookmarks to websites and other files is easy. Adjusting existing bookmarks is just as easy.

Convert multiple documents to pdf at the same time

Flexible Creation of PDF files

PDF Toolbox integrates tightly with Click to Convert PDF Creator to create industry-standard PDF files from any document, image or web-page. Of course, PDF Toolbox works with PDF files created from any source, so you’re not locked into one PDF creation tool.

Stamp PDF, Watermark PDF, Add Headers to PDF, Add Footers to PDF

Stamp, Watermark, Headers and Footers

Easily and quickly add stamps and watermarks (e.g. Confidential, Paid etc) to your PDF files. Add header or footers to pages (e.g. dates, footnotes, copyrights etc) with just a few clicks.

PDF Editor - no Adobe Acrobat required

No Acrobat Required

Save yourself hundreds of dollars because PDF Toolbox does not require the expensive Adobe Acrobat software. All that is required is the free Adobe Reader software installed.

Make your company greener

Make Your Company Greener

Help save the planet and reduce your CO2 footprint by utilizing electronic documents for distribution and archiving. This will save you and your company paper, printing costs, ink costs and distribution costs.

Seen enough? Download the 15 day trial now... or buy now for only $89