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Click to Convert is a power-packed HTML and PDF file converter application. Create files in a couple of clicks!

Create PDFs or HTML web-pages from virtually any document or application. Click to Convert is a fantastic PDF file converter as well as HTML converter. It allows businesses or users to easily create high-quality optimized PDF or HTML files by dragging and dropping groups of files, by printing any file to Click to Convertís virtual printer or by using the toolbar buttons added to Microsoft Office.

What you can do with Click to Convert

  • PDF file converter for any document
  • HTML file converter for any document
  • Convert multiple documents simultaneously
  • No need to resort to training - itís simple to use
  • Make your company greener while saving money
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Batch PDF Conversion with Click To Convert

There are many times that you just want to convert a single document to a PDF. An offer letter, an annual report or a user guide for example. But if you run a busy office or you have a large customer base, there are also many occasions when a batch PDF file converter utility can save you a lot of time. Click to Convert provides all of this and so much more!

Document Conversion Versatility

When converting Word documents as well as other formats with Click to Convert, you donít have to worry about your document structure. Click to Convert is a great PDF file conversion software application that retains hyperlinks, bookmarks and heading formats and other formatting features when you drop it into the Click to Convert application dialog box, and these options apply for HTML conversion as well. Use the Change Office Options in the Click to Convert menu (from the Add-Ins tab) for Office files when you want to control exactly how your document will look in the PDF version.

For more information about Click to Convert and its HTML and PDF file converter features, have a look at the Click to Convert product page.

"Click to Convert integrates itself into Office 2007, providing its own tab on the tool ribbon. This makes it exceptionally convenient to use."
-- PC World
March 2009,  read the review

Click to Convert Customers

PDF conversion and HTML conversion

Convert Your Documents with the HTML and PDF File Converter

  1. Creates, secures, combines and sends industry standard PDFs Enhanced
  2. Converts your documents to HTML and gets them to the web quickly Enhanced
  3. A PDF document converter that converts over 350 file types to PDF and HTML with a few clicks
  4. Saves you time by batch concerting multiple documents at the same time
  5. Converts your PDFs to HTML for publishing online New
  6. Is the easiest, most cost-effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat and the only tool that offers HTML conversion for online document publishing
  7. Automate document conversion with our powerful developer SDK on the client or server Enhanced
  8. Maximum compatibility including Windows 7, Windows 64-bit and Office 2010 support New
  9. Already used around the world by over 10,000 organizations every day

Edit pdf files

PDF Toolbox is an incredibly affordable PDF software application that gives you all of the power of a PDF software editing program.

Create and edit PDF files in just a few clicks. It works as a PDF file converter for image files and works together with Click to Convert to convert and edit any file. Why spend hundreds of dollars more for an application with the same features? Try PDF Toolbox now!

PDF Toolbox provides a cost effective means for your organization to create and modify PDF documents and works in with your workflows. Importantly, it does not require the full Adobe Acrobat software, which provides you vast cost savings.

For more features PDF software features, have a look at the PDF Toolbox product page.

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