Click to Convert
HTML and PDF Creation Software

If you are searching for a powerful and affordable HTML and PDF creation software application, Click to Convert is the program for you.

Click to Convert comes packed with all of the options and features necessary to create PDF and HTML files. Create hyperlinks, meta tags, web-ready pages, or turn practically any file with a print function into a PDF file. Learn how to use Click to Convert in less than a minute!

  • Complete PDF Linking
  • Complete HTML Linking
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • PDF Security and Document Protection
  • Customizable PDF Compression
  • PDF Watermarks
  • Automatic PDF Font Embedding
  • Font Subsets
  • PDF creation software
  • Adobe Acrobat Compatible
  • Create HTML files from virtually any document
  • Automatically Link to PDF
  • Automatic Table of Contents Building
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Website Templates
  • Search Ready HTML
  • Printable HTML
  • And much more!
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Creating PDFs or HTML using Click to Convert is easy

Print - print any file to the “Click to Convert II” virtual printer. MS Office - use the “Click to Convert” button on the toolbar or use the “Click to Convert” menu.
Drag and drop - a file, or group of files onto the Click to Convert application window.

Lean, Mean, Efficient Machine

Are you still sending paper invoices to customers or paper advertising mailers and paying for printing and postage? PDF documents are in perfect harmony with the business benefits of a paperless office. Create almost any type of document with our PDF creation software, from an advertising mailer to an invoice and send it to your customers quickly, easily and absolutely free via email. Save on expensive printing costs and the prices of postage – not to mention all that extra time it takes to put mailing packets together with our PDF creation software. Generate all the documentation you need to support, run and maintain your business and convert it to PDF format for easy online storage and easy backup.

For more about Click to Convert and its use as PDF creation software, have a look at the Click to Convert product page.

"Click to Convert integrates itself into Office 2007, providing its own tab on the tool ribbon. This makes it exceptionally convenient to use."
-- PC World
March 2009,  read the review

Click to Convert Customers

Edit pdf files

Easy PDF File Editing

PDF Toolbox is a powerful PDF creation software program. It's incredibly easy to use for creating and editing your PDF documents quickly. Click to Convert integrates seamlessly with PDF Toolbox so it's as easy as a couple of clicks. Learn more about PDF Toolbox.

Convert multiple documents to pdf at the same time

Flexible Creation of PDF files

Split PDF, Merge PDF, Extract PDF, Append PDF

Splitting, Merging and Appending of PDF files

Only $49 with Click to Convert

Windows, 4 MB, 15-day Trial

And so much more!

Download our award winning PDF software and create, edit PDF files as well as using as a virtual PDF printer. Have a look at the PDF Toolbox product page.

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