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Are you looking for a powerful and inexpensive way to convert any sort of doc to HTML or PDF? With Click to Convert, you can convert virtually any image or file into a PDF or HTML file in just a few clicks.

With Click to Convert, you can

  • Convert any doc to HTML or PDF
  • Convert doc to HTML, retain hyperlinks, create links, meta information, and search engine information in just a matter of moments.
  • Convert multiple documents simultaneously
  • No need to resort to training - itís simple to use
  • Make your company greener while saving money
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Convert doc to HMTL

Many software programs allow you to convert a Word file to PDF, but with Click to Convert you can convert a doc to HTML as well! You do not need to know anything about HTML or how websites are built to use this feature. Generate HTML and PDF files from the same source document. This is useful if you want to put a download link on a web page. Create the source document in Word, use this as the editable original. With Click to Convert you can convert it to a PDF for downloading and to HTML for posting to your web page at the same time!

Publishing HTML files to your intranet or your website can be a job in itself and if you have a large company, you probably keep a whole team who do this, either in addition to their regular job, or specifically as their regular job. Click to Convert can help you save time and money with its fast publishing capability. Our tool can help you reduce the burden of intranet maintenance team by offering a new way for creating and publishing HTML files that is simple to use and very fast.

For more information about Click to Convert and how to convert a doc to HTML, PDF and more, have a look at the Click to Convert product page.

"Click to Convert integrates itself into Office 2007, providing its own tab on the tool ribbon. This makes it exceptionally convenient to use."
-- PC World
March 2009,  read the review

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Edit pdf files

Easy PDF File Editing

PDF Toolbox provides the ability to edit PDF documents and merge PDF documents into a single document. Use Click to Convert to convert HTML to PDF or other files to PDF and merge the PDF files into one document with PDF Toolbox. This powerful utility lets you extract a single page, a range of pages or a complete document and merge it with other PDF documents. You can also move pages within a single document and even rotate pages to change the view.

Convert multiple documents to pdf at the same time

Flexible Creation of PDF files

Split PDF, Merge PDF, Extract PDF, Append PDF

Merging PDF Files for Distribution

Only $49 with Click to Convert

Windows, 4 MB, 15-day Trial

And so much more!

Download our award winning PDF editing software. Edit and generate PDF files as well as using as a virtual PDF printer is incredibly easy to do. Have a look at the PDF Toolbox product page.

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