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With Click to Convert, the possibilities are endless.

Create PDF files and HTML files within a matter of minutes. You can create HTML web files within a few clicks. Create PDF files out of image files, text files, DWG files and more. Click to Convert is packed with every feature available from other more expensive applications.

Click to Convert creates high quality PDF and HTML files from any document or application better than any other application. Easy format has its advantages, so why limit yourself to a solution that only offers one conversion option?

For more features about Click to Convert and how to create PDF files and HTML files, have a look at the Click to Convert product page.

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Create PDF Files when you want to protect a file’s contents, transmit a signed document electronically and create a highly readable document for mass distribution.

You can create PDF files and HTML documents from the same source document. This is useful if you want to put a download link on a web page. Create the source document in Word, use this as the editable original. With Click to Convert you can convert it to a PDF for downloading and to HTML for posting to your web page at the same time!

When its time to update the material or make changes, simply edit the Word document and reconvert. You can choose to create just a PDF document, just an HTML document or both at once using the simple point and click interface. You can save these settings for later, or change back to your default settings at any time. You also have the opportunity to customize your output.

For more features about Click to Convert and how to create PDF files, have a look at the Click to Convert product page.

"Click to Convert integrates itself into Office 2007, providing its own tab on the tool ribbon. This makes it exceptionally convenient to use."
-- PC World
March 2009,  read the review

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Edit pdf files

Easy PDF File Editing

Create PDF files and edit your PDF documents quickly with PDF Toolbox. Click to Convert, our PDF and HTML conversion tool, integrates seamlessly with PDF Toolbox so it's as easy as possible. Learn more about PDF Toolbox.

Convert multiple documents to pdf at the same time

Flexible Creation of PDF files

Split PDF, Merge PDF, Extract PDF, Append PDF

Splitting, Merging and Appending of PDF files

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And so much more!

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