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Powerful PDF and HTML Conversion

Click to Convert brings you powerful conversion options at a fraction of the cost of other software programs. Convert Office documents into PDF or HTML documents. It's never been as easy or fast when converting HTML to PDF or PDF to HTML.

One answer - flexibility. Click to Convert creates high quality PDF and HTML files from any document or application better than any other application. Easy format has its advantages, so why limit yourself to a solution that only offers one conversion option? Converting HTML to PDF is possible and easy. Some examples:

  • If you want to secure a document for safe distribution or sharing, choose PDF. Converting HMTL to PDF as well as Office documents and image files can be accomplished in a couple of clicks.
  • If you want to email a document to someone else so it looks and functions like the original document, choose PDF.
  • If you want to make your organizations, procedures or manuals available online, choose HTML so people can easily browse them in their web browser - maybe also make a PDF version available so users can download the entire manual if they want to.
  • If you want documentation easily searchable online, choose HTML. That way users can easily search the content and view it all from within the web browser - a great seamless experience for them.
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Batch PDF Conversion with Click To Convert

Click to Convert lets you drag and drop all your Word documents into the application window and then with a single click you can convert them all. You can also convert images to PDFs in Click to Convert using the same technique described above. If you are looking for the possibility of converting HTML to PDF, you can batch convert files in a matter of seconds. Simply take all the different formats of files that you want to convert. Drag and drop them into the Click to Convert Batch Publisher and convert them all to PDF files.

With Click to Convert, you can choose the best format for your distribution requirements.

For more features about Click to Convert and converting HTML to PDF, have a look at the Click to Convert product page.

"Click to Convert integrates itself into Office 2007, providing its own tab on the tool ribbon. This makes it exceptionally convenient to use."
-- PC World
March 2009,  read the review

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Easy PDF File Editing

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Convert multiple documents to pdf at the same time

Flexible Creation of PDF files

Split PDF, Merge PDF, Extract PDF, Append PDF

Merging PDF Files for Distribution

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