The Choice is Simple...

Intuitive and simple to use, Click to Convert integrates into the programs you use so PDF and HTML conversion is easy and only two-clicks away. Click to Convert is so easy to use you'll be creating PDF and HTML conversions in minutes.

With Click to Convert you can...

  • Convert any document to PDF or HTML
  • Convert multiple documents simultaneously
  • No need to resort to training - it’s simple to use
  • Make your company greener while saving money
Seen enough? Download the 15 day trial now... or buy now for only $89
PDF conversion and HTML conversion

Convert Your Documents to PDF or HTML

Converting your documents into PDF or HTML (web pages) should be easy... and now it is - quick, easy and fast with Click to Convert. Convert documents in only two-clicks to PDF, HTML or both.

Convert multiple documents to pdf at the same time

Convert Multiple Documents at the Same Time

If you're got a lot of documents to convert to PDF or HTML, Click to Convert gives you the quickest way to do it. Simply drag-and-drop the documents (or groups of documents) to the Batch Conversion windows and click to convert them.

Build PDF bookmarks and HTML tables of contents

Automatically Builds Bookmarks and Table of Contents

Does your document need an easy way to navigate it? Click to Convert can automatically build a hyper-linked table of contents or bookmarks into your PDF and HTML files. This way your users can click the links to easily navigate around your documents.

E-mail pdfs and upload HTML

E-mail PDFs or Upload HTML with one-click

When conversion is complete, one-click is all it takes to e-mail your PDF files to your co-workers. Easily upload PDF and HTML files to your website or Intranet so your customers, staff and the public get instant access to them 24 x 7.

Edit pdf files

Easy PDF File Editing

Quickly and easily edit your PDF files crteated by Click toConvert in our sister product, PDF Toolbox. Click to Convert integrates seemlesly with PDF Toolbox so it's as easy as possible. Learn more about PDF Toolbox.

Server conversion to PDF and HTML

Server Conversion

Click to Convert Server provides you with a powerful, automated way of converting thousands of documents into PDF and HTML on your server. Server pricing of Click to Convert is USD $849 and gives you unlimited document conversion. Read more...

Combine Multiple Documents into a Single PDF

Combine Multiple Documents into a Single PDF

Make it easier and faster to e-mail or distribute your PDF files by combining multiple documents into the same PDF file. Simply select the option to append documents when converting and Click to Convert will do the rest for you.

Word to PDF Conversion

Convert Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files to PDF or HTML in 2-Clicks

For ultimate ease-of-use, Click to Convert adds toolbars to Word, Excel and PowerPoint - allowing you two-click PDF and HTML conversion, without even leaving Office. Conversion carries over your hyperlinks and styles from Word so your PDF packs the punch of your original document.

PDF security options

Secure Your Documents

Top-end security ensures you can encrypt and control access to your PDF files. With one-click, prevent printing, copying text and graphics or editing. Easily password protect your PDF files so only those who you allow access can read them.

Stamp PDF files

Stamp PDF Documents Automatically

Easily stamp and watermark your PDF files (e.g. Invoice Paid, Top Secret, Confidential, Overdue etc). Format the stamp to appear in the style you like.

Make your company greener

Make Your Company Greener

Help save the planet and reduce your CO2 footprint by converting your documents to PDF or HTML for distribution. This will save you and your company paper, printing costs, ink costs and distribution costs.

API for PDF Conversion

Powerful API

Use Click to Converts simple yet powerful API for converting your documents. Read more...

Seen enough? Download the 15 day trial now... or buy now for only $89