Over 30,000 big-name and small-name organizations use Click to Convert everyday for their PDF and HTML conversion needs. Customers including: BP, British Telecom, France Telecom, Cisco, EDS, FedEx, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the United Nations and many more.

"We are VERY excited about this program and its possibilities for local school systems. The hyperlink structure is exactly what we are looking for ...GREAT program!!"

Gil Parrish, Chairman of the National School Boards Association EduNet Advisory Council, a national council formulating education technology policy in the United States.
"I bought a program called 'Click to Convert'. It's seamless and converts anything. I love it."
Liz Strauss, Founder, Successful Blog

"We could find no other way to get certain types of data from an online searchable database to the web without creating thousands of small HTML documents that could be tied back to the data file. A daunting task, but one we solved in minutes using Click to Convert. They have answered all our emailed tech support questions properly and the prodcut has performed flawlessly. We are very pleased with Click to Convert and the support staff as well."

Steve Simpson, President, Cimarron Software
"It is very difficult to accurately quantify, but Click to Convert has saved us months of work and as a result 100s of GBP in costs."
David Cook, Systems Manager, JetPress

"[Click to Convert] is working great. I have a lot of tech docs that I am using it for. Before I used to cut and paste into FrontPage but now I can just print them to Click to Convert."

Bill Holmes, Cornell University, New York
"We're now about to abolish paper mailings and distribute all our information online. We chose Click to Convert for this because non-technical staff can use it easily and it avoids expensive software and IT consultancy fees..."
Jimmy Black, Scottish Housing Federation

"I have used Click-to-Convert to prepare several documents for use on the web and have found it to be extremely useful. The program converts a variety of formats almost flawlessly, which saves me a lot of time in developing web pages. It has allowed us to put up large, multi-page documents on the web that we might not have bothered with in the past."

Gary Warner, Director of Technology for Linn-Mar Community School District (IA, USA)
See what PCWorld magazine has to say in it's March 2009 review of Click to Convert 6.1...
PCWorld Magazine Review - March 2009

"Simply stated, Click to Convert can offer a real productivity boost to anyone in a home or business environment who must routinely generate HTML files from standard business documents."

ZDNet rates Click to Convert 8.3 out of 10
ZDNet rates Click to Convert 8.3 out of 10

"There are lots of ways to create documents for the Web. You can learn HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and create them from scratch, use off-the-shelf applications such as Microsoft's FrontPage or Adobe's GoLive, or use online publishing tools such as AOL's Personal Publisher. Of course, you can also simply install Inzone Software's Click to Convert and publish web documents with one or two mouse-clicks."

Web Publishing Made Easy - Smart Computing magazine
Smart Computing Magazine

"Making Web Pages, particularly complicated ones, can be hard work. I try not to fall in love with a software program because I can't be objective that way. But I'm head over heals in love with a new program that does something I thought could never be done.

I know, you've heard claims before about software that can convert documents into Web pages, right? But Click to Convert is the first HTML converter that does this kind of thing perfectly..."

Al Fasodlt, The Post Standard
Smart Computing Magazine